Private Party

by Just For Kicks

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This is our first EP and we are really proud of it. We have grown a lot since we've started this band


released July 27, 2015

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Fabrizio Pan @ Pan Music Production - Studio

Additional Guitars by Fabrizion Pan

Graphics by Fapio @ Victoria Studio



all rights reserved


Just For Kicks Brescia, Italy

We are just another italian pop-punk band trying to be catchy.

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Track Name: Fuck You, Summer Finn
here I am sitting next to you
trying hard not to feel that blue
cause every word you say to me
is like a kick in my ass

I hate you and all your stuff
you keep saying that I am wrong
but you dont know a thing about me

now it's too late
to apologize
for everything
you did to me

things are not working out
and I feel like there's no
place where I can go
to stay away from you!

now I look back
to all these days we spent
to all the places we went

but now I'm trying to stay
as much happy as I can
because I know someday
i'll be the only one

now it's too late
to apologize
for everything
you did to me

i gave my heart to you
you gave me a fucking pen
go fuck yourself
Track Name: Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew
the lights of Birmingham are still wet
soupy's right, he never lies
the road's become my second home
friends are everywhere I go
we got high at a new found show
and we almost lose control
homies where your heart is
raise your glass and sing with us

when my friends're there I feel alright
they cheer me up, all the times I feel down
they mock me every night I go out
they know what I'm talking about

I'll try
not to fall in line
this time
you wont fuck my mind
I'll show
you're not gonna bring me down
cause I dont care about you
Track Name: Hey Diane, Wanna Hang Out Tonight?
turned off the lights, to make the atmosphere
I wrote a poem about you, dear
When the sun goes down, I see you in the sun
set me free, you got me standin'

outside your house just to see if you're hanging out

take my hand
take my hand I dont wanna go
hold my hand
hold my hand you're unpredictable
I'm missing your warm lips

just take me back
and give me a chance
to exlpain why I wanna see your face
when the trees they covered our faces from the sun

I've still in mind your shoes and every step
and the blue hat you wore the day we met
I want you to lay here next to me
making you smile i want nothin more

than kiss you all night long and dance until we fall

so tell me how can I try to sink your smile cause all I do
when i fall asleep is only run
so tell me how can I try to sink your smile cause all I do
when i fall asleep is only run to you
Track Name: All My Friends Listen to Metalcore
All day listening to sad songs
I'm just disappointed, I get relief writing these
Lines that you never wanted to read
I'm whishing someone to turn the page but every days the same

I'm pretending I dont care anymore
In all these late nights with smoke made on my own
I dont give a damn about your stupid jokes
a steady fight hunting your deadly ghost

Cause you broke
My chest in two
You'll feel the blood
Coming from my door
You know
My heart is falling down again
I hear the blood
Hitting my room's floor

2 am and tears are slowly pouring my bed
A year ago, the same people and same bed

Maybe you're the one to blame or maybe im the same
You're too naive, i'll keep all your shame

You will never be enough for me
I cant stand your face, i see you everywhere

Should i keep quiet after you shift all the blame to me?
Should i keep quiet after you mocked me?
I'm not coming back to you
Track Name: Private Party
how many times I've walked outside
your house just to see you around?
don't fear me you got a midge on your cheek
you're simply beauty, my sweet disease

you ain't alone, I'm not home
I realize your hair have grown
the wind blows them while they glow
let's hide from the storm

let's dance let's dance before you're gone
we're young and we're still together
let's dance let's dance before we fall
don't worry we'll feel better

do you need someone or you need me?
give me your hand and run away

we fought in the mud, screamed loud at the stars
we told long stories lying on the sand
whisper you again a dirty joke in your hair
bite your sweet skin, I love you my dear

we'd spend our nights, in my room
with dumb films and shitty food
now I'm so sick of hearing
your voice through the phone times

let's take my car and go home
turn up the radio
let's take my car and go home
the night's so long